My country Iceland, is a small country, but we have more Lions per hundred people, than anywhere in the world!  We have strong and dedicated Lions.

I have the experience, background, from my profession and from Lions, and I have the skills and ability to lead Lions Clubs International forward.

International lion

Key Emphases


My vision is to grow our membership for both men and women, develop more leaders for both men and women, and to expand our service so that we help more people than ever before! 
​With your support, we will accomplish all three. 

​ Campaign Committee
-  PDG Jon Palmason
ŸŸ   Chairperson / Project Manager
-  PCC  Kristinn Hannesson
   Secretary / Organizing Committee
-  PDG Kristin Thorfinnsdottir​
   Treasurer / Finance Committee
-  CP Edda Ruth Hlin Waage 

   Presentations / PR Committee
-  PID Joeseph Marcheggiane
   International Coordinator

I am Past International Director Gudrun Yngvadottir ​from Iceland,  and I am a Second Vice President. 

News from Gudrun

GUDRUN YNGVADOTTIR ​2. VICE PRESIDENT OF LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL in her first offical visit out of iceland as a vice president in india

Motivational Leader

My  team

my lions work


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Icelandic Lion